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الارتفاع5' - 5'3" [150سم - 160سم]
الوزن160 - 180 باوند [70 - 80 كغم]
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When you tell me what you want to see!! More tokens you gift the more fun we will have. It lets me know that you like what you see and thats what really gets me wet and ready.
I love to play and tease so if you dont play and tip then I dont get wet.
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When you dont play and do not interact with me!! I am here for you!! If you come to be rude and disrespectful I will not tolerate it and you will get kicked off. Unless you let me know either in pm or chat thats your kink then I will allow it.
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Financial help to get a new home
Financial help to get a new home
Lost home in Camp Fire along with my job. All tips go to getting into a new apartment. Living in a car is not ideal. Please help bring my kids to a new home and a new start on life.
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always great to see and hear you
Amazing Show!! 100% all about me!!